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Metabolism is a term that is used to describe all chemical reactions and processes in your body trying to maintain the living state of the organism as a whole. Nutrition is the key, the main factor to metabolism. Metabolism relies on nutrients to produce energy. Proteins are large molecules that our cells need to function properly. The structure and function of our bodies depend on proteins. The regulation of the body's cells, tissues, and organs cannot happen without proteins. Muscles, skin, bones, and other parts and tissues of the human body contain significant amounts of protein, including enzymes, hormones, and antibodies. Proteins are the main tissue builders in the body. They are part of every cell in the body and every body function. Furthtermore proteins help in cell structure. Proteins are necessary for nutrition because they contain amino acids. Foods with the best quality protein are eggs, milk, soybeans, meats, vegetables, and grains. Increasing protein intake is a great way to grow muscle and boost your metabolism rate. Finally, proteins are long chains of amino acids that form the basis of all life and living things.